Clinical Dermatology. An Illustrated Textbook. 4th Edn, revised. RONA M MacKIE. Oxford University Press (1996) [ISBN10: 0192627635] [ISBN13: 9780192627636].

Concise yet comprehensive, this is a great book for the generalist. This 4th edition (revised) is a larger hardback. I have a 3rd edition paperback (shown here also). 🙂

Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Medicine 8th edition. Elsevier Health Sciences (2012)  [ISBN: 9780702044991] [ISBN-10: 0702044997] 


Lecture Notes: General Surgery, 13th Edition. Harold Ellis, Sir Roy Calne, Christopher Watson. January 2016, ©2016, Wiley-Blackwell


Surgical Texts

Clinical Surgery in General, 4e (MRCS Study Guides) 4th Edition.  Churchill Livingstone (2003). [ISBN-13: 978-0443072628] [ISBN-10: 0443072620]
My introduction to the subject came from Hollinshead and Ross’s Textbook of Anatomy. It was a good start but Last’s is more detailed, without being Gray’s. Anatomy understanding has not changed all that much, so why not pick up for yourself a Last’s Anatomy – Revised Reprint, 9th Edition here for just over AUD200 (you can get a Gray’s for that amount, but you may find it a little overwhelming). Recommended for Basic Surgical Trainees, it is invaluable to anyone who performs regular procedures.
Surgery: Facts and Figures. James Green, Saj Wajed.
This is for basic surgical trainees.