All art and no science makes for mere quackery. All science and no art merely makes for bad medicine.

The word doctor means “teacher”. Whether speaking with patients, parents, pupils or colleagues; doctors are — first and foremost — teachers. We do well to keep that in mind.

To teach, one needs to know. Moreover, it has been said, by French moralist and essayist Joseph Joubert, that “to teach is to learn twice”. Yet there will always be gaps (hopefully small) in our knowledge — hence our predisposition to life-long learning. In our heady days, there is, however, a propensity to information overload. So we each have to pick and chose what and whom we listen to. That is an art in itself.

The surgery aims to demonstrate the care of the all-too-common patient who all-too-easily falls down the cracks in the system, is generally not well cared for, or who is a conundrum.

In order to fulfill these obligations, the surgery deals with much volatile and caustic matter: not necessarily restricted material; yet not designated for general public consumption. Moreover, matters here cannot and do not replace the opinion of standard medical care in your region. And while all care is taken with the accuracy of matters herewith, by their very nature error can occur in the transcription thereof.

There can be no substitute for individual discretion, care, and due diligence.

Suregry sign

Welcome. The doctor is in. Comestibles are available in the scullery. Please note that local custom employs the use of ethanolic hand rub prior to entering of the parlour.


The doctor is an ardent admirer of expressed patient wish and evidence-based shared decision making, yet not lost on them also is their obligation and duty to professionally opine as requisite.

You don’t need to know everything. You just need to know everything that you need to know.

Here’s to those who have gone before (something about shoulders of giants), and to those who will come after (in them we place our trust).

Praise be to my heavenly Father. Thanks be to my Lord.

He purchased my life with His: and now I live for Him. Anything less would (at very best) be theft.

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, all images are in the Public Domain. The images of the Common Foxglove and Deadly Nightshade above, for instance, are courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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